New for 2024: “Stretch Leopard”, the 10x15m leopard print tent! Stretch Leopard is here to make a statement and is the first of its kind. Read on for more details.

Introducing “Stretch Leopard”

Stretch Leopard

Introducing “Stretch Leopard”, the 10x15m leopard print tent! Stand out from the crowd as well as in it! This structure aims to bring a wow factor to your event.

Create your own “Leopard Lounge” and put the big cat on the map at the party!

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Stretch tent sales

If you are looking to buy a printed tent (it doesn’t have to be an animal print), these can be manufactured in any size from 5x7m to a 10x15m for a single structure.

For custom printed items please allow plenty of time for delivery as the production process is complex and they are manufactured in South Africa (the founders of stretch tent technology).

If the tent you are buying is for a permanent installation or to be connecting to a building, a site visit is necessary.

Stretch tent hire

We have a range of unbranded stretch tents in stock (subject to availability). Choose from either a neutral grey or sand colour.

Available sizes are 5x7m and 10x15m. Multiple units can be joined and guttered to make bigger tent.